Artificial Insemination Rules

Artificial Insemination in dogs is the procedure carried out where dog semen is artificially inserted into the vagina or cervix of a female dog to generate pregnancy. AI has been used in cattle for decades, but only in recent years has it increased in popularity among dog breeders.

There are specific rules regarding artificial insemination detailed below and within the Full Guide to Member Services and Stud Book Rules, in addition download the following required forms for completion: (a PDF will automatically download to your device when clicking each form)

AI Rules and Protocol Form

AI Semen Collection Certificate

AI Notification Card

AI Protocol


These notes are additional to the Registration Rules.  They provide information for members who wish to use an Artificial Insemination (AI) service and detail how to register with the Society.

It will be considered a breach of the rules to submit a Mating Card when AI procedures have been used to achieve insemination of a bitch. These notes describe the use of an AI Form for such notification.  Note: this does not encompass what may be described as an 'assisted mating'. If someone undertakes the transfer of semen from dog to bitch, on the same day, then a normal Mating Card should be used accompanied by a brief statement of what occurred.


The sire and dam must be registered and comply with the Registration Rules.

AI Forms must be delivered to the Society office within 42 days of insemination with a fee of £14.00. In order to discourage late submission, forms submitted after 42 days and up to 6 months after insemination will be subject to an increased fee of £26.00. Forms will not be accepted beyond 6 months from the date of insemination.

Protocol for semen collection, retention and insemination

Dogs for semen sampling, and bitches for inseminating, must be identified by microchip and such number associated with their ISDS name and registered number.

Semen must be sampled and inserted by identified, Competent Persons. Competent Persons may be veterinarians, or employed by a veterinary practice, or known to be established practitioners in AI.

Chilled semen will be transported directly between Competent Persons. Because chilled semen has to be used within a few days there is a minimised risk of misdirection.

Submission of AI forms and registration of pups

A duly completed AI Form and fee of £12.00 within 42 days of the insemination must be submitted to the Society, confirming the following: the Authorisation, the Certificate of Sampling and the Certificate of Insemination. Copies of such documents must be produced on the first instance and on following submissions if requested.

The Society will issue a Registration Form to the owner of the bitch in the normal manner. Note: the pups will be registered using the name of the owner of the sire at the date of submission of the AI Form; this is according to the normal Society Rules for Registration. If, however, the sire has been transferred to a new owner in the time between the original collection of semen and the relevant insemination, the owner of the dam has one of the following options:

a)  Obtain an Authorisation from the new owner of the sire and submit this to the Society, or

b) Pay an additional surcharge of £10.00 per puppy to enable the manual production of Registration Certificates showing the name of the owner of the sire at the time of semen collection.

The above limitations must be made known to the owner of the dam if applicable. Note: the Society cannot register pups to the new owner of the sire without the authorisation in a) above. 

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